Main characteristics of DTH drilling rig

Main characteristics of DTH drilling rig

Main characteristics of DTH drilling rig:

* DTH Drilling rigs drill by air dth hammer, which is characterized by submersible holes.


The DTH Hammer uses compressed air to do work, which makes the piston produce high frequency (1500 times / min) impingement. The high energy piston acts directly on the bit rock drilling, which is very suitable for drilling deep holes in hard rock or hard rock.


* because the impact process is short and fast, it can reduce the influence of broken or inclined strata, coupled with the self-orientation of the hammer, thus ensuring that a straight hole can be drilled.


* The DTH hammer requires only a small drilling pressure, which can be drilled with a lighter weight and a smaller volume of the drilling rig.


* The torque load of the drill pipe assembly is small, and the rotation speed is also low. According to the complexity of the geology and the soft and hard of the rock, the working speed is often between 30 and 60 speed /minute.


 * The exhaust gas discharged from the dth hammer works through the drill bit to remove the bottom of the hole and remove the rock powder from the annular space between the drill pipe and the hole wall.