China has set A New Record of the World's of drill deep well


China has set A New Record of the World's of drill deep well

Recently, the China Institute of Coal Science Xi'an Research Institute (Xi'an Research Institute for short) applied the directional drilling technology and equipment developed by itself in Baode Coal Mine of Shendong Coal Group to demonstrate the drilling project, completed the ultra-long through directional drilling along the coal seam with the depth of the main hole of 3353M, and once again set a new world record for the depth of the directional drilling hole in the underground of our country.

It is reported that the Xi 'an Institute has been drilling and construction from the No.1 air intake large tunnel of No.1 air intake in Baode coal mine, and the drilling time is 21 days, through the two-extent working surface, and the second return air large lane of the opposite side three lower extent successfully passes through, the depth of the main hole is 3353 meters, the total footage is 4428M, the aperture is 120 mm, the probe top, The bottom branch 13 times, the target coordinate error of the drilling through the tunnel is less than 0.15%, and the daily average daily gas extraction is more than 5000 cubic meters.


The hole broke the world record of 2570 meters of ultra-long directional drilling set by Xi'an Research Institute in Baode Coal Mine in early 2019. The success of the drilling project has greatly improved the drilling depth and realized the ultra-long distance and high precision medium target, which is mainly due to the continuous innovation of Xi'an Research Institute in the research and development of downhole directional drilling technology and equipment. Xi'an Research Institute has developed the drag reduction technology and compound drilling trajectory control method of ultra-long directional hole sliding drilling in coal mine, which greatly improves the drilling ability and efficiency of underground directional drilling. The directional drilling equipment developed by Xi'an Research Institute, mud pulse wireless while drilling measurement system, large through hole and high strength cable free directional drilling tool are used to realize the stable transmission of wireless pressure pulse signal measured by drilling at a hole depth of more than 3000 meters. In addition, Xi'an Research Institute has also carried out industrial application to the newly developed circulation system of washing fluid purification in coal mine, which has solved the problem of large water consumption and sewage discharge in ultra-long hole construction, and realized the leap from "open" to "closed" circulation of directional drilling washing fluid.


The successful implementation of 3353 meters through directional hole along coal seam is a new milestone in the development of downhole directional drilling technology and equipment, which indicates that China has reached the international leading level in the field of underground directional drilling, and is of great significance to promote the advanced control of gas in large areas of coal seam, replacing roadway engineering with holes instead of roadway engineering, water hazard prevention and control, geological exploration and other technical progress.